Pool Construction Process

At SFC Pool Corp, we’ll create unique and luxurious swimming pools tailored to your vision. Our expert team guides you through every step of the process, from initial design concepts to the final splash. See our process below!

Step 1: Yard Presite

Step 2: Scalping and pool layout

Step 3: Excavation-
25% payment due Day of START per contract

Step 4: Installation of form and steel and inspections
Inspection – pool steel (structure), main drains (plumbing), steel bonding (electrical)

Step 5: If there is a spa – pre-plumb the spa after the above inspections– (install jets)

Step 6: Gunite Installation…………………………..30% payment due per contract

Step 7: Remove forms and Pool Soil Back Fill

Step 8: Pool Perimeter Plumbing

Step 9: Plumbing inspections

Step 10: Plumbing Back Fill, Deck Grade

Step 11: Coping and Tile….30% payment due per contract….Install new perimeter BONDING GRID or continuous 8 gauge wire loop on perimeter of pool

Step 12: Deck Pour or Paver Installation

Step 13: Screen, Rail, Fence, Measure and installation

Step 14: Equipment Placed

Step 15: Interior Pool Clean Out – Pool Prep

Step 16: Deck Topping and Staining – concrete only

Step 17: Final Clean and Grade (Machine Only) Landscaper responsible for final yard clean

Step 18: Final electrical and barrier inspection

Step 19: Interior Pool Finish-5% payment due per contract start of plaster

Step 20: Start Up- Pool chemicals, balance water, give instruction, deliver cleaning tools and touch up. We provide one month follow up service. During this time, the home owner is responsible for brushing down the pool on a daily basis. After the month service, the home owner, now becomes responsible for the care and maintenance of your pool. We suggest you contract with a service company for at least a few months while you become familiar with the care and maintenance of your new pool.


Final plumbing inspection – Final heat pump inspection if required

Final Deck Inspection – Landscape Inspection – Final Zoning Inspection


*Please note all building departments are different. Inspections and requirements vary based upon where you live. Schedules and steps can changed based on circumstances.